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You can’t start too early when teaching kids to be financially responsible. In fact you might be surprised how quickly they become aware of material things. As soon as children turn on a TV, or go to school they become increasingly aware of the world around them. They want stuff, like toys and clothes that they see advertised or that their friends have. And as someone who will be guiding a child, you want your kids to fit in, without spoiling them.

The Dollar Dog Kid’s Club is a great way to help kids learn about the importance of saving, earning, and even investing money. Kids will learn the basics of healthy saving and spending habits, and have some fun too.

When they join, children receive a Savings Passbook. Dollar Dog’s Clubhouse is always open for learning, fun, and games. A child must join the credit union to become a member of the Dollar Dog Kids Club. For more information contact us at 202-623-3363.

$50 is required as a minimum deposit which must remain in the account – or sign-up if you already have a credit union Share Savings Account. Either way kids will get a FREE GIFT when they join! All member children and grandchildren ages 12 and under are eligible. Join today!

Dollar Dog in Field