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Open a Rivermark account for your child (ages 0-17) and we’ll put them into Dollar Dog or Go Money. Dollar Dog is a fun and rewarding savings account for the younger kids. Every time they make a deposit, they’ll get a Dollar Dog prize. Plus, Dollar Dog will invite them to special kids-only events. For the older, it-better-be-cool-or-else crowd, Go Money offers them a chance to use a debit card, earn higher dividends with a College Saver CD, and build their credit with a first time auto loan and more.

  • Free savings
  • Easy to open
  • Perfect for kids and teens
  • Financial education focus
  • Builds good credit
Dollar Dog in Field

Upcoming Events

Dollar Dog holding flowers

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Roses are red, violets are blue…you know how it goes. Valentine’s Day is upon us, so spread the love this season and let everyone know

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